Beach Bikes. NUMBER 1 for Bike Hire on the Gold Coast!

You can rely on personalised, very friendly service and expert advice when you hire from Beach Bikes.

We will give you The Beach Bikes Guide, showing you how to get to the best places on the Gold Coast to ride your bikes, plus we'll tell you the best places to have breakfast, coffees, lunches, dinners, the best spots to enjoy a cold beer, and the best places to enjoy a fine wine!(see next page) You can bike at your own pace, stop when and where you want, no pressure! OR take one of our new PERSONALISED BEACH BIKE TOURS!

Plus we'll arrive on time, every time...SEVEN DAYS A WEEK! 

Pic Below The Rock in "San Andreas" with one of our GIANT bikes, filmed here on the Gold Coast!

Beach Bikes specialises in top quality "Giant" brand bikes

  • Mountain Bikes.. Giant "Boulders"etc
  • Hybrids... Giant "Cypress" "Rove" "Flourish" Roam" etc
  • Cruisers. Giant " Simple", "Suede" and  "Momentum"
  • E BIKES. Quick- E, Dirt- E Giant and LEKKER e bikes
  • Kids Bikes... Various Giant brand bikes
  • Baby seats, front and back mounted (THULE brand) plus tagalong bikes,tagalong trailers available AT NO EXTRA COST!

Only the very best Italian "Limar", "Azure" and "Giant" helmets supplied

Special combination locks supplied

Special Beach Bikes Guide to the Gold Coast guide supplied- all at no charge

Bicycle Hire Gold Coast

Beach Bikes.. Best Bike Hire Service on the Gold Coast!

Beach Bikes specialise in the highest quality GIANT branded bikes. NO bikes are over 12 months old, NO advertising on bikes, NO bikes ever rented out by the hour Bikes for all the family are a speciality!

Our hire bikes are expensive bikes, so we look after them. We rotate our bikes carefully and if anything we over service them. We aim to always present our bikes to you in tip top condition.

Bike Hire Gold Coast Hire Rates


All Adult Bikes

1/2 day (from 9am-1pm or 12.30-4.30 pm, or by arrangement) $30 for 1 bike, $25 each for 2 or more bikes

Full day (9am-5pm, or by arrangement) $35 for 1 bike, $30 each for 2 or more bikes

Bikes with child seats(Premium brand THULE), tagalong bikes, tagalong trailers $35 PER DAY, $30 PER DAY if other bikes booked. Weekly/ weekend special rates apply.

Childrens Bikes`

16" $10 per bike per day

20" $15 per bike per day 

24' $20 per bike per day

Weekly/weekend childrens specials at 50% of adult rates.

E Bikes. $55 per day for a single bike. $49 each for 2 bikes. Weekend rate $90 per person per bike. 3 days $140 pp, ($250 for 2 people) 1 week $250($400 for 2 people) Longer hires by negotiation. Ph 0490 798114 for more info

All bike hire costs include Free Drop Off and Pick Up, Italian Limar and Giant brand helmets, special combination locks, baskets, and the Beach Bikes Guide to the Gold Coast


Bike Hire Gold Coast Specials


Many visitors to the Gold Coast want to hire bikes for a week or more, so we have some special great value deals for you!! Special offers change weekly.


  • The Beach Bikes Longer Special.

3 days or more $25 per day per bike

  • The Beach Bikes Week Long Specials

$99 per week per single adult bike booking*

$75 per week per adult bike for TWO or more bikes. GREAT VALUE, AND EASILY OUR MOST POPULAR OPTION!

Two weeks - $75 per week per adult bike= $150.00

PLUS 4  DEAL. If you are here for longer than 4 weeks, studying, working, holidaying, we have a NEW BIKE hire package. Enquire today.

*Kids bikes at 50% of adult weekly rates*, when booked with adult bikes

  • The Beach Bikes Weekend Special.

We drop the bike off either Friday night or Sat am, and pick up either Sun night or Mon am, or we'll work it out together-$49 per bike.

      * The Beach Bikes Sunset to Sunrise Special

Very popular this time of year. We drop the bikes off at 4 pm, you take them out for drinks and dinner, then an early morning ride out for breakfast, and we pick the bikes up at 10am. $30 per bike.

      Mobile credit card facilities available.